We at TANIS are huge fans of classic science fiction and the brilliant artists of that genre. We discover all kinds of amazing artwork online, and, whenever the artist is credited we credit the artist on the bottom of the graphic. Many of the amazing paintings we dig up online are uncredited, however, so, if you see something uncredited and you happen to know the artist, PLEASE add that information to the comments section beneath the artwork. Some of the incredible artists we LOVE: Paul Alexander, Dan McPharlin, John Berkey, Michael Bohme, Jim Burns, Philippe Caza, Don Davis, Roger Dean, Steve R Dodd, Les Edwards, Bob Eggleton, Dean Ellis, Peter Elson, Vincent Di Fate, Chris Foss, Frank Kelly Freas, Fred Gambino, David A. Hardy, John Harris, Richard Hescox, The Hildebrandt brothers, Mike Hinge, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Eddie Jones, Peter Andrew Jones, Jack Kirby, Josh Kirby, Bob Layzell, Paul Lehr, Rodney Matthews, Robert McCall, Syd Mead, Davis Meltzer, Ian Miller, Moebius, Chris Moore, Terry Oakes, Richard Powers, David Schleinkofer, John Schoenherr, Alex Schomburg, Wojciech Siudmak, Ed Valigursky, Ron Walotsky, Trevor Webb, Michael Whelan, Tim White, Stephen Youll, Hoot von Zitzewitz

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Tanis "grackles over logo" art by Ryan Vandeput.

Wonderous Things by  Courtney Thomas

Wonderous Things by Courtney Thomas

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